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remodeling jobs remodeling jobs Fire rebuild 189002491 new framing 189002492 new siding and windows 189002494 189002493 french drain install 189002495 189002496 189002497 paint and floor, before pic 189002498 new paint, and refinished floor, after pic 189002499 Before pic of exterior 189002500 After pic of exterior paint and wood rot repair 189002501 new exterior paint, and newly poured driveway 189002502 Refinished floor and new paint 189002503 Refinished floor and new paint in living room 189002504 Refinshed stairway 189002505 Replaced windows at the Elms Hotel 189002506 Done pic of the windows 189002507 Replaced and built a new deck 189002508 189002509 Built stairs for deck 189002510 189002511 installation of propane tank 189002512 189002513 189002514 Covered tank with all new sod 189002515 189002516 New floor, vanity, and toilet before pic 189002854 New floor, vanity, and toilet after pic 189002855